Ritual Running

Inspiring the community to inspire the world

Our founder

Change happens when you are motivated and inspiration spreads when you are able to motivate others

  1. 2010 - Ritual Running founded
  2. 2010 -First Ritual Running 5k/10k raising over $1,100 and 250 pounds of shoes
  3. 2012- Ritual Running hosts a One Day With Out Shoes even raising money to send to Haiti
  4. 2011 - Ritual Running is recognized by One World Running as pivital part of their efforts and given a certificate of appreciation to honor their work.

Foundation History

Ritual Running began as an outlet to a senior project. Something that interested me and I felt was an important cause. Since then I have continued my passion for Running and Service and created connections with other organizations in order to grow Ritual Running and its Inspirational power>

Joining our team

mission & visioN

‚ÄčNo need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and support people without shoes. All the while we strive to "Inspire the Community to Inspire the Wolrd"-the ultimate mission and vision here at RR.


When it comes to Ritual Running, there are many ways to volunteer and give back. Even by running and getting in shape, you too can do your part for the Ritual Running team. Email us to  Find out how to become our partner.

Also, check out race schedule page for info on how you can volunteer at upcoming races!

recent programs

Our recent 5k/10k raised money, funds, and shoe donations which were shipped to Haiti, while building inspiration in the community that spread. 

Visit our Race schedule page to find out more about upcoming runs!

Ritual Running's mission is to help more than just the needy but to focus on our own community in making healthy living decisions, which in turn raises money, awareness and donations for those in need of shoes. We see it as our duty to work toward the greatest good and with confidence, hope, integrity, and passion knowing that our work will change the world from here. 

Ritual Running is about more than just going global. We also focus on helping the community get in shape and are currently in the works to start donating shoes to local charities for the homeless. Instead of working as just the Ritual Running Organization and acting alone, we focus on partnering with non profit organizations to achieve the greatest good for our community and the world. If you are interested in joining the Ritual Running team or would like to find out about volunteer, race, or charity opportunities, please send us an email.

Behind the scenes